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Revolution PreTeens
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Revolution is a ministry designed specifically for Pre Teens (5th & 6th). They unpack scripture teaching them how it impacts their lives today.
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Seeing Red - Seeing God


You will never see what you never look for!

On January 8th, I challenged our church to see “red.”  How many red items can you see in one week?  As the people in the church began to train their eyes to see red, they were overwhelmed with how much red is in the world.  It seems as if red is everywhere… if you are looking for it.  The only way you will not see red, is if you are too busy to see red. 

On January 15th, I reported the findings to our church: There were over 54,000 red sightings during the week. Does that mean there were only 54,000 red items the people came across?  No! But they took the time, focus, and energy to see and report back to be the over 54,000 red sightings.  I then gave them the ultimate challenge: Instead of seeing red this week, I want you to see God.  What is God doing in, through, and around you?  Again, you will never see what you never look for?  Is God actively at work in our world?  Can we really see God?  They answer is a huge resounding, yes!! John affirms this truth in his Gospel, in chapter 5:17 “Jesus said to them, ‘My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working’."  God is at work around you, in you, and through you.  Are you seeing Him?

On January 22nd, I reported the findings to our church: There were 69 God sightings during the week.  Does that mean there were only 69 movements of God in the lives of our people? No! But they took the time, focus, and energy to see and report back to be the 69 God sightings.  How much of God do we miss?  I have challenged our people to continue to look for God in 2012.  During this year, we have created a bulletin board where our people are going to pin up their God sightings.  It is my hope and prayer that we will see this bulletin board grow and grow with God sightings.  I pray that on December 31, 2012 there will be no more room for even one more sighting of God.  I pray that there will be layer after layer of God sightings in our people.

Why is this important? Why should we make the effort to notice God’s work in our lives?  Every time we see God, our faith grows just a little.  The more we make an effort to see God and thank God for His faithfulness, the more our faith grows; the more we see God the more we see our faith grow  and  on and on.  God is actively working in your life.  Will you take the time and effort to see Him at work?  Remember, just because you don’t see the hand of God, doesn’t mean He is not at work.  You will never see what you never look for!

Will you join us?  No matter where you live or where you go to church, will you join us in watching to see God in 2012?  When you see God actively working in your life, send me an email and tell me what He did?  I will write it down and post in on our board.  You can email me at:

Here is one example of a God sighting:

We have a precious family in our church who had not attended for a few months. This past Sunday they came back to much rejoicing.  It was such a blessing for me to see them again.  They are able to talk to people and really be encouraged in their faith.  It was as if they were never gone.  This family was also able to sit by a wonderful godly lady.  Both the husband and wife were able to tell this lady how much she meant to them and their family.  Their children were able to give  her a huge hug – it was a wonderful time. They did not realize it would be the last time they saw here this side of heaven.   A few hours later, this lady laid down to go to sleep.  She woke up in the presence of our Savior. Was it just a coincidence that this family came to church on the last day of this lady’s life?  I cannot express to you how important it was for this family to have that time with this godly lady.  It was, without a doubt, a divinely orchestrated meeting between one family and one godly lady.  If we aren’t careful, or if we are not looking, we would miss even God’s most apparent and clear dealings with you and me.

Will you watch for God in 2012 and report back to the church?  No matter where you live, email me with your God sightings. 

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